Yaratam - бренд практичных предметов интерьера

In Tatar, «Yaratam» means «I love».

“Yaratam” is the word that best describes how we approach our business. The first Yaratam furniture was created back in 2014. It was a custom order from our clients.ince 2016, we have had a catalog featuring our serial production of furniture and accessories.
Our catalog is constantly being updated with new items.
«I often looked at the Western architecture and design magazines and visited foreign exhibitions. It was hard for me to accept that, if I open the Architectural Digest, I will find only a few items from Russia there and none that were made here, in Kazan. When I create interior design pieces for my brand, I am inspired by my love for my hometown. Using my design work, I influence the interior design market in Russia and create the perception of Kazan as a modern city, which has a lot to offer to the world.».
Yaratam is constantly participating in interior design exhibitions in Russia. In 2018, we also participated in the Maison&Objet, a Parisian fair for household goods and decorations. This fair is one of the most exciting international events in the interior design industry. Our products were highly rated by experts and publications from Europe. We plan to expand our partnership with Western companies by exporting our products and collaborating with European designers.
Our concept relies on the idea that each item must have its own recognizable style and character. The founder of the band, Petr Safiullin, was inspired by famous architectural masterpieces, such as Villa Savoye designed by Le Corbusier.
We believe
that if you were to put ten bureaus next to each other,
you will most definitely recognize which one of them
was made by Yaratam.
ВAll items in our catalog were personally designed by our founder Petr Safiullin. Before Petr founded Yaratam, he spent a lot of time working on different design projects that needed custom-designed furniture pieces. For a long time, he could not find a manufacturer that will make such items: he constantly had to compromise between quality and an interesting design. Finally, the time of compromising was over. Now, you can purchase high-quality custom-designed furniture that was created without trying to “follow the trends.”
When we make our furniture, we focus on functionalism and a specific idea instead of just creating a simple home decor product. It is essential to us to see how convenient it is to use our furniture and how long it will serve you. We do not make collection items or things that will break when you will try to use them. Yaratam is a brand that creates practical interior design items. We make things that will bring you joy every day.
Shelving unit 45° is one the most recognizable items from the Yaratam collection. The verticals are turned at a 45-degree angle, which allows fitting full-size magazines and books, while the depth of the shelving unit is only 15 cm.
We say “no” to mass consumption and the “IKEA” approach. We do not support the production of supposedly “designer” decor pieces that can be found in every fifth apartment. Yaratam allows you to buy an item that only a few have, and this is why our clients value us. Our interior design pieces will never go unnoticed. They will stand out from other furniture because we make items that have their own character. Items that are ready to challenge Dutch and Italian furniture. Items that are made with love and made for those who can appreciate them.